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We can’t be more excited to welcome you to
our first edition of „Saudade“ presented by Goldener Stuhl.
We want to create a homage to the feeling of saudade.
A bohemian expression of a soft melancholic and also energetic feeling of longing and love that inspired us to take you on a musical journey.
We provide you a line up from old school techno and house sounds with soulful contrast together with fresh lustful and energetic rhythms that create a groovy, sexy and passionate rave vibe.
Expect sounds from jazzy groovy techno and breakbeat to soulful funky house on two indoor and one open air floor.
Let’s create together a party we gonna be longing for.

Saudade. A love that remains.

Pre sale now on R.A

Line Up :

- X CLUB. (Steel City Dance Discs,
- Longhair (PemanentVacation, Love on the rocks)
- Soela ( Dial ,Shall Not Fade)
- Dj Pirna (FormerCity Records)
- Moreno Acido (Infinita)
- Miguel Chafirovitch (Saudade, GoldenerStuhl)
- Formella (Femmebass Mafia ,OYE Records)
- Salbany(LIVE ) (AssembleMusic)
- Dj Otsa (Mera)
- DJFifa2000 (Groove to the People )
- ONIT(Nighttime Calls)
- Dj Saunameister (Concrete)
- Rogan (Veiled)
- Lavie Orange (GoldenerStuhl)
- Unpolished (Pure Love)
- Maxi

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